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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Different types of scientific devices used in daily life

Today we will know about the Different Types of Scientific Devices used in daily life. This information is extremely useful for you for General Knowledge of many competitive examinations -Railway, Bank, SSc. You know that these  Scientific Instruments have changed our lives completely. You should also know What are Physical Quantities?

Scientific Instruments list and their uses pdf
 Scientific Instruments list and their uses pdf

Scientific Instruments list and their uses Pdf

Accelerometer- - This device is used in measuring vehicle speed

Accumulator - It is a device that accumulates electrical energy

Aerometer – It is a device measuring the weight and density of air and gases

Altimeter - It is a device measuring the height of aircraft

Actinometer- A device that determines the intensity of the sun’s rays

Avometer – A device that detects the defects in radio

Auriscope – A device used to observe the interior parts of the ear

Ammeter - A device measuring the value of current in ampere

Anemometer - A device used to measure the power and speed of air

Apicioscope - A tool used to display opaque images on the screen

Audio Meter – A device used to measure sound intensity

Audiophone – Ear-to-ear equipment to help you hear 

Barograph – A device that graphs changes in atmospheric pressure

Binoculars - A tool that enlarges objects

Bolometer – A device measuring thermal radiation

Cardiograph – A device that graphs heart rate

Cathetometer – Height and level measuring device in scientific experiments

Calipers – A device measuring the diameter inside and outside cylindrical objects

Commutator - A device that changes the direction of the current

Calorimeter - A device used to measure heat 

Crescograph - A tool showing the growth of trees or plants

Cyclotron-A device that accelerates a more charged particle

Compass Box – A device that determines the direction (North-South) at a place  

CarburatorIt is a tool used in internal combustion engines

Cardiogram – A device measuring the heart rate of a human being

Cathode Ray Tube – A device used in electron emissions

Chronometer – A tool used to find the right time in the sea.

Coolidge Tube - Tube-like equipment used in Produce X Rays

Cryometer - A device measuring C and its nearest low temperature

Cytotron An Artificial weather generating equipment 

Daniell Cell - A device used to flow direct current into a circuit

Density Meter – Density Measuring Device

Dialysis Machine - A blood cleansing device when kidneys are damaged

Dilatometer – A device measuring the change in volume of an object

Dynamo – A device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy

Dynamometer – A device that measures the power generated by the engine

Electroscope - A device that indicates the presence of electric charge

 Electric Motor – A device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy

Electro Meter – Instrument measuring potential difference

Electron Microscope – The device used to see the microorganisms

Endoscope – A device used to look at the internal parts of the human body

Epidiascope – A device that launches pictures on the screen

Escalator – Automatic mechanical stairs running up and down

Fathometer - A device measuring sea depth

Fire Extinguisher – A device used in extinguishing the fire

Galvanometer – A device measuring the intensity of the current

 Geiger Muller Counter – A device used to measure radiation from radioactive sources

Ganong Respiratory Meter – Instrument measuring the respiratory coefficient

Hygroscope – A device showing changes in the humidity of the atmosphere

Gramophone – A device that converts waves on record into sound

Gyroscope – A device that determines the speed of a moving object

Hydrometer – Instrument measuring relative density of liquids

Hydrophone – A device that calculates sound waves inside water

Hygrometer – A device measuring the humidity of the atmosphere

IncubatorA transparent vessel for keeping premature babies

Jack – A  device that raises heavy vehicles etc.

Kaleidoscope – A tool used to look at different types of geometry shapes

Kymograph – A device that graphs the pulse movement of the heart and lungs

Lactometer – Milk purity measuring device

Loud Speaker – A device that converts dim sound into a loud sound

Machmeter – A device measuring the speed of aircraft in terms of sound

Microphone – A device that converts sound waves into electric waves

Magnetometer – A device that compares magnetic movements and fields

Manometer - A machine measuring the pressure of gases

Megaphone – A device that takes sound to distant places

Oscillograph – A device that graphs electrical and mechanical vibrations

Parachute – Equipment used to land safely from an airplane in an emergency

Microscope – A tool used to make microorganisms bigger

Microtone – A machine that cuts an object into very small pieces

Odometer – A tool used to measure the distance covered by vehicles

Ohmmeter – Instrument measuring electrical resistance

Ondometer A device measuring the frequency of electromagnetic waves

Periscope – A device used to look at objects far from the limits of view

Phonograph – Sound Writing Tools

Phonometer – Device measuring sound intensity levels

Photometer – A device used to compare the illumination and intensity of two light sources

Phototelegraph – A device that transports photos from one place to a place

Pippet – A thin glass tube-like device measuring the fixed volume of liquids

Polygraph – Lie Detection Tool

Potentiometer – A device measuring the potential difference between two points in an electric circuit

Potometer – A tool measuring the rate of transpiration in tree plants

Pyknometer – A device measuring the density and expansion coefficient of liquids

Pyrometer – High-Temperature Measuring Device

Radar – A device that determines the speed and direction of distant aircraft

Radiator – A device that keeps the engine of the motor vehicle cool

Radio Micrometer – A device measuring thermal radiation

Seismometer – A device measuring the intensity of earthquake waves

Rain Gauge – A device that determines the amount of rainfall

Refractometer – A device that determines the refractive index of a transparent medium

Sacchrometer – A device measuring sugar sander 

Screwgauge - A machine measuring the diameter of a thin wire

Seismograph – Seismic Intensity Measuring Device

Spectroscope – Spectrum Analysing Device

Speedometer – Vehicle Speed Measuring Device

Sphygmomanometer – A device measuring blood pressure in the arteries

 Sphygmoscope – A device that detects the vibration of the movement of veins

Stereoscope – Binary Drawing Tool

Stethoscope - A device that sounds of the heart and lungs

Stroboscope – Rotating At Periodic Speed

Tacheometer - Equipment measuring upgrades while conducting surveys

Taximeter – Fare measuring machine in a taxi

Telex – A tool to exchange news among countries

Telemeter – A device recording physical events that occur so far or distance places

Teleprinter – Typing device by receiving telegraph messages coming from a distance

Theodolite – a device measuring transverse and vertical angles

Thermometer – A tool used to determine the temperature of the human body

Thermopile – A device to determine the intensity of radiations

Thermostat – Automatic device used to keep temperature stable

Transformer – A device used to increase or reduce the voltage of the current

Turbine - Mechanical work is carried out using the kinetic energy of the flowing liquid with the help of this device

Udometer - A device used to measure rain

Ultrasonoscope – A tool used to detect brain tumors and heart defects

Vacuum Cleaner – A device used to clean dust 

Van de Graph generator – High Potential generating Device

Viscometer – A device that determines the viscosity of liquids

Voltmeter – A device that distinguishes the charge between two points in an electric circuit

Wavemeter – Subparticle that determines the wave wavelength of radio wave

Wattmeter - Electrical Power Measuring Machine

X-ray machine – A machine that receives shadow images of the inner parts of the human body

Xerox Machine – Photo Stat Machine

Xylophone – Musical Instruments

Zincograph – Zinc Printing Machine


 So, these are the important Scientific Instruments and uses.


Hoping this article is very useful for you.

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