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Write an informal letter to your father

On this page, you will find informal letters to the father for sending money, about your studies, progress, and ambitions, increase pocket money, about your health, etc. You can find all the topics here.

Informal letters are written to our family members, relatives, and friends. So we use informal language in these kinds of letters.

write a letter to your father for sending money

Letter to Father

These are informal letters written to the father by the son or daughter. These letters are asked in the examinations.

1.  To father for sending money to buy books.

2. To father for sending money for a trip.

3. To father for sending money to buy a bicycle.

4. To father for telling him about hostel life

5. To father about a visit to a historical place

6. To Father tell him about the picnic you enjoyed

7. To father about the annual function

8. To Father to increase your pocket money

9. To Father about progress in your studies

10. To Father requesting him to allow you to join NCC

11. To Father telling him about making up for the loss of studies

12. To Father for permission to attend the marriage of a friend’s sister

13. To Father about Future Plan

14. To Father about not securing good marks in English

15. To father about a significant event in your hostel

16.  To father telling him about household affairsTo father telling him about household affairs

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