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Basic English Grammar Notes

It is necessary to know the basic rules of English to learn how to write and speak correct English. Here you will be able to find Basic English grammar notes.

By continuously practicing these rules, we will become perfect. There are so many different kinds of words in English and the rules for using them are different, if we learn to use these words, and then English becomes easy for us.


Basic English Grammar Notes

Basic English Grammar Notes

You can easily access Basic English Grammar Rules with Example pdf in which you will find Basic English Grammar Notes.

These Basic English Grammar Notes are very useful for beginners as well as for those who are preparing for Competitive Exams like a bank, SSC, railway, clerk, and many others.

In Basic English Grammar Notes, you will be able to study parts of speech, Nouns. Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Prepositions, Connectives, Punctuations, sentences, and their types, Tenses, Reported speech, Active – passive clauses, and many other topics.

Now let’s begin  

1. Parts of Speech- Different categories of words in English are termed as ‘parts of speech

For a detailed study, you can click the following link 

1. Parts of speech in English with Examples[PDF]

2. Noun-     A noun is used as a name of a person, things, idea, place, and quality.

For a detailed study, you can click the following link   

1. Noun-definition & its kinds with example

2. Nouns Rules For Competitive Exams

3. Subparts of nouns

3. Pronouns- The words which are used in place of nouns are called pronouns.

For a detailed study, you can click the following link

1.Pronoun- definition & its types

Advanced English Structure

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