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Friday, April 29, 2022

List of Chemical compounds and their common Names and Formulas

 If you are looking for a list of chemical compounds and their common names and formulas, then you are in the right place.

List of Chemical compounds and their common Names and Formulas

Common names and chemical formulas of chemical substances

Common name Chemical name Chemical formula
Baking Soda  sodium hydrogen carbonate  NaHCO3
Common salt  sodium chloride  NaCl
washing soda  sodium carbonate  Na2CO3.10H2O
caustic soda  sodium hydroxide  NaOH
Chile saltpeter   sodium nitrate  NaNO3
Borax  borax  Na2B4O7.10H2O
soda ash  sodium carbonate  Na2CO3
Glober salt  sodium sulphate  Na2SO4.10H2O
hypo  sodium thiosulphate  Na2S2O3.5H2O
microcosmic salt sodium ammonium hydrogen phosphate  NaNH4 + HPO4
alum  potassium aluminium sulphate  K2SO4Al2(SO4)3.24H2O
Red Medicine potassium permanganate  KMnO4
 caustic potash  potassium hydroxide  KOH
nitre potassium nitrate  KNO3
chrome alum potassium chromium sulphate  K2SO4.Cr(SO4)3.24H2O
bleaching powder Bleaching Powder  Ca(OCl)Cl
lime water Calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2
gypsum calcium sulphate  CaSO4.2H2O
Plaster of Paris calcium sulphate hemihydrate  2CaSO4.H2O
chalk calcium carbonate  CaCO3
Quick lime calcium oxide  CaO
 limestone calcium carbonate  CaCO3
marble stone calcium carbonate  CaCO3
hydrolith calcium hydride  CaH2
Ammoniac salt ammonium chloride  NH4Cl
laughing gas nitrous oxide  N2O
litharge lead oxide  PbO
galena lead sulphide  PbS
red vermilion lead peroxide  Pb3O4
white lead basic lead carbonate  2PbCO3.Pb(OH)2
Acid of salt hydrogen chloride  HCl
ackey nitric acid  HNO3
 muteric acid hydrochloric acid  HCl
oil of vitriol sulphuric acid  H2SO4
acid king/ aqua regia A mixture of concentrated nitric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid HNO3 + HCl (1:3)
water-gas A mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen  CO + H2
oleum fuming sulphuric acid  H2S2O7
bauxite Hydrates Alumina  Al2O3.2H2O
dry ice solid carbon dioxide  CO2
Green vitriol ferrous sulphate  FeSO4.7H2O
magnesia magnesium oxide  MgO
horn silver silver chloride  AgCl
lunar caustic silver nitrate  AgNO3
black zinc Zinc sulphide  ZnS
white vitriol zinc sulphate  ZnSO4.7H2O
Chinese quartz zinc oxide  ZnO
QuickSilver Mercury  Hg
calomel mercurous chloride  Hg2Cl2
corrosive sublimate mercuric chloride  HgCl2
vermilion mercuric sulphide  HgS
heavy water deuterium oxide  D2O
heavy hydrogen   deuterium D
silica silicon dioxide  SiO2
carborundum silicon carbide  SiC
arsine arsenic hydride  AsH3
blue vitriol copper sulphate  CuSO4.5H2O
lithopone A mixture of zinc sulphide and barium sulphate  ZnS + BaSO4
producer gas A mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen CO + N2
marsh gas methane  CH4
gemexin benzene hexachloride  C6H6Cl6
Phosgene carbonyl chloride  COCl2
vinegar Dilute solution of acetic acid  CH3COOH
carbonyl acid  Phenol  C6H5OH
alcohol ethyl alcohol  C2H5OH
wood spirit methyl alcohol  CH3OH
Starch starch  C6H10O5
T.N. B. tri nitrobenzene  C6H3(NO2)3
T. N. T. tri nitrotoluene  C6H2CH3(NO2)3
grapefruit juice glucose  C6H12O6
formalin 10% solution of formaldehyde  HCHO
freon Di Chloro Di Fluoro Carbon  CF2Cl2
urea carbamide  NH2CONH2
chloroform trichloromethane  CHCl3
iodoform tri-iodo methane  CHI3
pyrene carbon tetrachloride CCl4
Mick methyl isocyanate  CH3NC
Phenol hydroxy benzene  C6H5OH


These questions are based on the compound's names list which will help you a lot.

1.  The major component of marsh gas is

     a.    ethane

     b.  methane

     c.   butane

     d.  Propane

     2.  What is the chemical formula of chloroform?

      a.   C2H2Cl4

       b.  CHCl3

       c.   CH2Cl2

       d.  CCl4

       3.  Producer gas is a mixture of which gases? 

       a.   H2 +N2

        b.  Co +N2

        c.   N2 +CO2

        d.  H2 +Co

      4.  What is the chemical name of common salt?

       a.   sodium carbonate

      b.  sodium chloride

      c.   sodium hydrogen carbonate

      d.  sodium silicate

      5..   Chile nitre is the common name of?

      a.  potassium nitrite

      b.   sodium nitrate

      c.  potassium nitrate

      d.   sodium nitrite


     6.  Which of the following is used to make gunpowder?

     a.   calcium sulphate

     b.  potassium nitrate

     c.   magnesium sulphate

     d.  sodium striate


    7.  What is the main component of vinegar?

    a.   tartaric acid

    b.  acetic acid

    c.   malic acid

    d.   citric acid


     8.  What is the chemical name of caustic soda?

     a.   sodium carbonate 

     b.  sodium hydroxide

     c.   sodium carbonate

     d.  sodium chloride 


     9.  What is the chemical formula of Milk of Magnesia?

     a.   MgO

     b.  MgCl2

     c.   Mg(OH)2

    d.  MgBr2


    10.  What is the chemical formula of Plaster of Paris?

    a.   CaSO4.5H2

    b.  2CaSO4.H2O

    c.   (CaSO4)2.2H2

    d.  CaSO4.H2O

   11.  What is a mixture of water gas?

    a.   CO2 + N2

    b.  Co + H2

    c.   H2O + Co

    d.  H2O + N2

   12. What is the chemical name of Horn Silver?

     a.   silver chloride

     b.  silver bromide

     c.   silver nitrate

     d.  silver nitrite

     You are given some questions about chemical compounds with answers. 

 1. What is the formula of calcium oxide powder?

Ans- CaO is the formula of calcium oxide powder.

2. Write the compound formula of bleaching powder. 

Ans. The compound formula of bleaching powder Ca(OCl)Cl

  Hopefully,  chemical formulas would have been quite useful.  so even if you are looking for trade names and chemical formulas of substances, this list is going to be useful.

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