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Monday, April 4, 2022

Explain Activity 1.6 Class 10 NCERT Science

In this post, you will learn a complete explanation of activity 1.6 class 10 science that belongs to Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations. You can also go through Activity 1.7 of  Chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations.

Explain Activity 1.6 Class 10 NCERT Science

Caution: This activity needs the teacher’s assistance. don’t point the mouth of the test tube toward anybody.


Activity- Take about 2 g of lead nitrate powder in a boiling tube.

·      Hold the boiling tube with a pair of tongs and heat it over a flame, as shown in figure

·      What do you observe? Note down the change, if any.

Explain Activity 1.6 Class 10 NCERT Science
 Explain Activity 1.6 Class 10 NCERT Science

Observation: On heating lead nitrate, reddish-brown fumes with a pungent smell are evolved and a yellow residue remains in the test tube.

Conclusion: On the decomposition of lead nitrate, nitrogen dioxide and oxygen gas are evolved.

2Pb(NO3)2 (s)         2PbO(s)  +  4NO2(g)  +   O2(g)

Lead nitrate            Lead oxide 

Watch the video to understand the topic in an easy way👇

MCQs based on Activity 1.5 Class 10 Science

Now you have gone through activity 1.6 class 10 science, test yourself by taking the MCQ quiz given below👇

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Write the chemical formula of lead nitrate.

Ans. -  Pb(NO3)2

2. Of which colour do fumes evolve when lead nitrate is heated in the boiling tube?

Ans. Reddish brown fumes

3. What is the colour of the residue that remains in the boiling tube in the given activity?

Ans. Yellow

4.   Name the reaction that takes place in this activity 1.6.

Ans. – Decomposition reaction

5. Name the substance left as a residue in the boiling tube.

Ans. – lead oxide (PbO)