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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Explain Activity 1.8 Class 10 NCERT Science

In this post, you will learn a complete explanation of activity 1.8 class 10 science that belongs to chapter 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations.

Explain Activity 1.8 Class 10 NCERT Science

Caution: This activity needs the teacher’s assistance.

 Activity - Take about 2 g of silver chloride in a China dish.

·      What is its colour?

·      Place this China dish in sunlight for some time

·      Observe the colour of the silver chloride after some time.

Explain Activity 1.8 Class 10 NCERT Science
 Explain Activity 1.8 Class 10 NCERT Science

Observation- When silver chloride is placed in the sunlight.  Colour of silver chloride changes.

Conclusion-  On the decomposition of silver chloride which is white in colour, it changes to grey.


2AgCI (s) →   2Ag(s) + CI2 (g)

(white)                         (grey)

Silver chloride decomposes into silver and chlorine. 

so, the decomposition reaction takes place in the presence of sunlight, it is called Photolysis.

Watch the video to understand activity 1.8👇

Frequently asked questions

   1. What is the colour of silver chloride?

Ans. Silver chloride is a white powder.

   2. Name the reaction that takes place in this activity.

Ans. Photolysis

 3. Name the substance formed after the decomposition of silver chloride.

    Ans. Silver (Ag) and chlorine (Cl)

  4. Write the definition of ‘Decomposition reaction’.

Ans. Complex substance breaks down into two or more simple substances in the presence of energy(heat, light, electricity )

  5. Give the chemical equation of the reaction.

Ans.  2AgCl  → 2Ag+ Cl2

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