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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

NCERT Activity 3.3 Class 10 Science Explanation

NCERT Activity 3.3 Class 10 Science Explanation

Here you will find NCERT Activity 3.3 Class 10 Science Explanation that belongs to Chapter 3 Metals and Non-metals. After reading Solutions of chapter 3 Metals and Non-metals, you will be able to understand activity 3.3.

Activity 3.3 Class 10 Sciecnce 

·      Take pieces of iron, zinc, lead, and copper.

·      Place any one metal on a block of iron and strike it four of five times with a hammer. What do you observe?

·      Repeat with other metals.

·      Record the change in the shape of these metals.


Observation and Conclusion Activity 3.3 Class 10 Science

It is observed and concluded that metals can be beaten into thin sheets i.e. they are malleable.

Malleability Meaning

 Metals are malleable in nature. It means that they can be beaten to form very fine thin sheets. Most of the confectionery items are covered with very bright foils of silver. On the same hand, aluminium foils are used for stirring eatables so that they may not get spoiled.

One metal has malleability different from the other metal.

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