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Thursday, April 14, 2022

NCERT Activity 3.4 Class 10 Science Explanation

Here you will find NCERT Activity 3.4 Class 10 Science Explanation that belongs to Chapter 3 Metals and Non-metals. After reading Solutions of chapter 3 Metals and Non-metals, you will be able to understand activity 3.4.

NCERT Activity 3.4 Class 10 Science Explanation


Activity 3.4

  •   Consider some metals such as iron, copper, aluminium, lead etc.
  • Which of the above metals are also available in the form of wires?

Observation and Conclusion activity 3.4

 wires of iron, copper and aluminium are easily available, this shows that metals can be drawn into wires i.e. they are ductile.


The property due to which a metal can be drawn into thin wires is known as ductility. An electrician uses fine wires made up of either copper or aluminium. A metal is drawn into thin wires bypassing it repeatedly through specially made dies. 

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