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Thursday, November 16, 2023

50 Interesting facts about metals PDF Downolad

We know metals are widely used in our everyday life. They are an important part of our life. Metals are used in the kitchen, in making medical instruments, machinery, and infrastructure.

50 Interesting facts about metals PDF Downolad

In this article, we will discuss interesting facts about metals and their compounds.

Today we will know the most amazing facts about metals and their compounds.

   1.  Metals make up 75% of the periodic table.

   2.  Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust.


   3.  Zinc phosphide is used for killing rats.

   4.  Gold is the most malleable metal one gram can be hammered into a sheet one square meter in size.

   5.  Zinc chloride is used in coating wood furniture.

   6.  Copper is one of the metals that occurs in a directly usable metallic form.

   7.  Galvanized iron is coated with zinc.

   8.  Titanium has a high strength-weight ratio and is used in making aerospace applications.

   9.  Rusting if iron increases the weight of iron.

  10.  `CaH_2` is called hydrolith.

  11.   Platinum has a higher melting point than gold and is used in high-temperature applications.

  12.   Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant alloy and was discovered accidentally by Harry Brearley in 1913.

  13.     Calcium hydride is used in making fireproof and waterproof clothes.

  14.   Sliver has the highest thermal  and electrical conductivity.

  15.   Titanium is called strategic metal because it is lighter than iron.

  16.    The process of turning iron into steel is called alloying.

  17.   Group 1st elements are known as ‘alkali metals’ because its hydroxides are alkaline.

  18.    The process of coating iron with zinc is called galvanization and this prevents corrosion.

  19.    Group 2nd elements are known as alkaline earth metals.

  20.    Mercury is the only metal that is found in a liquid state at room temperature.

  21.    Chromium oxide is known as chromic acid.

  22.  Tungsten has the highest melting point(`3422℃`)  of all the elements.

  23. Nichrome wire is used in electrical heaters and it is an alloy of Ni, Cr, and Fe.

  24.  Potassium carbonate is known as pearl ash.

  25.  Selenium is used in photoelectric cells.

  26.    Nickel is used in making stainless steel.

  27.   Rhodium is the rarest and most expensive precious metal.

  28.    Cobalt (60 ) is used in cancer treatment.

  29.   Sodium peroxide is used in submarines.

  30.    Barium hydroxide is known as Baryta water.

  31.    Zinc oxide is known as a flower of zinc.

  32.   Osmium is the heaviest metal.

  33.    Silver iodide is used in artificial rain.

  34.   Green colour is due to the presence of Barium in fireworks.

  35.    Lithium is the lightest metal.

  36.   Onion and garlic have their specific smell due to the presence of potassium.

  37.    Iron pyrites are known as fool’s gold.

  38.   Wrought iron is the purest form of iron.

  39.    Fuse wire is made up of lead and tin.

   40.   Cobalt is used in rechargeable batteries in electric vehicles.

   41.  Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion due to the formation of an oxide layer on its surface.

   42.    Mercury is known as quicksilver.

   43.    Uranium is a heavy radioactive metal.

   44.   Lead oxide is known as Litharge.

   45.    Crimson red colour in fireworks is due to strontium.

   46.   Auric chloride (AuCl3) is used in making antivenom needles.

   47.    Mercury and iron provide much resistance to the flow of electric current.

   48.    Transition metals are coloured.

   49.     Bismuth is a heavy metal with low toxicity and used in making stomach medicines.

   50.   Neptunium and plutonium are synthetic elements.

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